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VW Karmann Ghia Type34 1962-1969 stainless steel bumpers front and rear polished

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Volkswagen Karmann Ghia T34 (1962-1969) bumpers. Kit consists of 1 front bumper in 3 parts, 1 rear bumper in 3 parts and 4 over-riders. There is an early (1962-1965) and later (1966-1969) type overriders . We supply both types, please specify which type you require.
VINA_JSHOP_CODE: Karmann Ghia type 34 bumper
Weight: 18 Kg

Welcome to tynda bumper! . The best bumper is made of stainless steel SAE 304, DIN 1.4301, UNS S30400 , 18-20% pure chrome content, thickness 1.5- 2mm.

Back side of bumper is covered by 3 painted coats to protect bumper from chemicals, weather elements. And these paint coats will make back side more smoothly, and wonderfully. The gloss of bumper is shiny like mirror polish, even better than chrome bumper.

These bumpers will be never rusty. And the bumpers are duplicated from original sample bumper for fitting, shape, dimension etc… We are honored to serve customers around the world. Don’ t wait more, kindly ask me for more information: info(at)bumperclassic(dot)com .

These bumpers will be never rusty. And the bumpers are duplicated from original sample bumper for fitting, shape, dimension etc…

By the way, now from my company I have the important especially for my business.

So, I want that the business will be developed with a big market more.

Finally I need make more cooperation from anyone whom want to make new product.

I appreciate any product from classic car (bumper, mirror , molding…), new modern car, any product for kitchen , house …as shelf, light… And it can be made by stainless steel, aluminum, iron, rubber, chrome…

Please contact me now and tell me the product which you want to make. I will support and make you satisfied.

New brand bumpers with reasonable price, perfect quality ,shiny like mirror, cheapest and fastest delivery cost.

We have bumpers for : VW Karmann Ghia US, EU, EU Blade (1956-1971), VW Beetle EU , US, EU Blade (1955-1967), VW Beetle Late Model (1968-1973), VW Bus T2 Early Bay (1968-1972), VW Bus T2 Late Bay (1972-1979), Beetle Old 74-78, VW Rometsch Lawrence 57-61. Volvo Amazon 122 US, EU , Kombi;Volvo PV 544 EU, US. Volvo PV444 , Volvo PV 445 Duett. Volvo P1800S/P1800E, Radiator Grill for Volvo PV 544. Mercedes 190 SL(1955-1963), Radiator Grill for Mercedes 190SL, Stone Guard for Mercedes 190 SL, 220S/220SE/219 Ponton, 180 190 Ponton, Benz W110, Benz W110 US( with overriders),Benz W111 Coupe, W111 Sedan, W121, W107 . Jaguar MK2, Jaguar Etype(1-1.5 series), Triumph TR3 , Ford Esort/Cortina, Heinkel, Borgward Issabella, Opel Rekord P2, Opel Rekord P1, Opel Rekord P25, Opel Rekord P26, BMW 1500-2000, Renault Dauphine and more.

Please let me know if you have any question.

Have a nice day.

Many thanks and best regards!

Tynda bumper.

" Conscientious to serving !!! "




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